During our job and work experience we're improving our knowledge on:

  • Inspection and tests on different structures and CE machines
  • Quality and Project Management for international projects
  • Strength assessment with fatigue, welding assessment as well as Finite Element Analysis
  • Non Destructive Visual, Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Tests as Level II European and American standards
  • Design and calculations on steel constructions and machines for industrial plants and naval structures
  • Naval architecture and marine engineering
  • CAD design both bi and three-dimensional
  • Project management and engineering of new projects
  • Structural assessments and life evaluation on cranes and steel systems, reliability assessment and residual life cycles calculation
  • Pleasure Craft design and surveying
  • Energy efficiency rate calculation for buildin
  • Preliminary design of liquefied product carriers and LNG carriers
  • Project engineering of a cargo tank containment systems for liquefied natural gas
  • Barges, Bulk carriers, Floating Crane, Cargo handling systems, LNG carriers, Bulk carrier and Ore carrier technical specification and preliminary drawing review
  • Ship stability calculations, inclination experiment and construction management and supervisor
  • Structural scantling and evaluation of naval structure and deck supports
  • ISO 9001 quality system
  • Preliminary and detailed mechanical design of systems for cranes
  • Strength calculation for steel structures
  • Construction and calculation on composite materials (VTR, GRP, Carbon, etc..)
Courses and know how improving on:
  • Strutture marine e navali
  • Progettazione e design navale e nautico
  • Architettura navale
  • Costruzioni meccaniche
  • Laurea in Ingegneria Navale
  • Laurea specialistica in Ingengeria Nautica
  • Progettazione meccanica
  • Tecnologia meccanica
  • Metallurgia
  • Informatica
  • Disegno CAD
  • Analisi ad Elementi Finiti
  • Ship Design
  • Structures and Mechanic of Materials
  • High speed craft desing and velocity prediction
  • Progettazione meccanica e navale
  • Tecnologia delle costruzioni navali
  • Design ed ergonomia
  • Sistemi di climatizzazione ed energetici
  • Macchine a fluido
  • Impianti navali
  • Impianti industriali
  • Sistemi di ancoraggio navale e offshore
  • Trasporto di GAS naturale e progettazione di LNG Carrier
  • Sistemi di trasporto materiale alla rinfusa
  • Fatica e meccanica della frattura
  • Meccanica delle strutture
  • Saldature e metodi di controlli non distruttivo
  • Sistemi id sollevamento
  • Piping e recipienti in pressione

Corsi e Certificazioni

Ordine degli Ingegneri Ordine degli Ingegneri 
Ingegnere Navale  
Ingegnere Navale
Ingegnere Nautico Ingegnere Nautico 
Engineering Council of United Kingdom  
Engineering Council of United Kingdom
Ingegnere e Tecnico delle costruzioni navali Ingegnere e Tecnico delle costruzioni navali 
RINA Membership  
RINA Membership
SNAME Membership SNAME Membership
EN Level II Visual Test Certificate
EN 9712 Level II               Visual Test Certificate
EN Level II Magnetic Particle Test Certificate
EN 9712 Level II                Magnetic Particle Test Certificate

ASNT TC1A                      Visual Test Certificate

ASNT TC1A                      Magnetic Particle Test Certificate
English Course
English Course
Progettazione Fotovoltaica
Progettazione Fotovoltaica